How to Reduce the Paint Cost on a Digital Printer?


The digital printing method provides an advantage compared to the known standard printing methods thanks to its low cost. For this reason, it is one of the most used printing types recently. However, the digital printing method also has huge costs in itself. When the cost analysis of the digital printing method is made, it has been determined that the share of the ink cost is quite high. Paint prices vary in many parts of the world. For this reason, digital printing prices are also offered at much more profitable prices where the ink is more cost-effective. For example, Far Eastern companies can make very low prices while offering digital printing service. The biggest reason for this is that paint prices in the Far East are much lower than in the world. In addition, another factor affecting product cost is part costs.


Recirculation System in digital printing machine

Printing, which is the first of the production stages with digital printing, is the most important criterion to control costs. Because paint has the highest raw material costs. Thanks to our patented digital printing technology, ink consumption has been reduced. Thanks to the recirculation system added to the digital printing machine as a result of R&D studies, the use of ink has been reduced to minimum levels. Paint recirculation system is the process of liquid particle separation used in the process industries. Paint recirculation process, also known as coating recirculation; It includes paints, oils, varnishes, varnishes and thixotropic fluids that may be very thin and low viscosity in nature. The solids percentage of a coating can range from 0% solids to 100% solids. With a 100% solid coating, all paint falls on the surface to be painted. Recirculation requires a close look at the pigments used in the formulation. The type, shape, size, and flexibility of the pigment vary greatly, as is the tool's solids percentage, viscosity, and rheological properties. For this reason, the quality of the filtering system is very important in the printing process.


Importance of Recirculation System

The dyes filtered during the painting process are moved to the beginning of the process with a loop system and reused. In this way, the cost of the product is considerably reduced by reusing the dyes with the highest cost. The Recirculation system not only reduces the cost of the paint, but also significantly reduces the amount of paint thrown into the nature. Paints are very harmful substances in nature. In particular, some dyes are never soluble in water. Soluble produces harmful substances while decomposing. Thanks to the recirculation system, recycled paints are used again before being released to the nature and the amount released to the nature is greatly reduced. In this way, a very environmentally friendly product has been developed.


Optimum Digital and Market Analysis

Optimum Digital printing machines with high-tech spraying technology make high-efficiency prints by keeping the use of ink at the lowest level. In this way, it provides a high amount of cost efficiency by significantly reducing the use of even the most costly paints. Thanks to this technology, Optimum Digital produces the lowest ink cost per square meter compared to its competitors in the market. Especially in mass production prints, it stands out from its competitors thanks to its fast and efficient printing option. In this way, the cost of the product is significantly reduced both for the buyer and the seller. If you are looking for a digital printing machine, the best point is Optimum Digital Printing machines. You can create a pattern of the quality you want with its technologies that offer high efficiency and quality printing, while you can reduce the cost with the recycling system. You can contact Optimum Digital for more information and expert support.